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  • Personal Portfolio with Gatsby

    The project has been tailored with the help of ReactJs and Gatsby as frontend setup. The backend used Strapi which is also based on ReactJs and it is a very convenient CMS backend technology that helps to create secure and fully customizable backend data systems. Animations done with React Motion Component and Styling is supported by Styled-Components. The style CSS is written from scratch with no CSS framework implementation. This portfolio is its basic stage, and still missing optimization for SEO and some UX navigation flow. Of course, there are a lot of things that could be done differently. But this is my personal test project, where I can learn and test new features and share them later with others.

  • PiraluxAuto

    This is WordPress. project for a car dealer in the North of Denmark. This website built for the customer's needs, the customer sells cars in the NordJylland, Aalborg City. Additionally, I build Data Scraper Plugin as a custom feature to grab JSON data from a Centralized API data bank and distribute all data items (cars) to the website. Also, the website went through the full customization of the frontend and search system.

  • KotoBook Book MarketPlace & Community

    This is project intent to be an extension of a popular book marketplace first established as a group on FaceBook. But all of a sudden they became quite popular therefore customers got an idea to relocate their community from **FaceBook** to a separate website. The requirements were not only to build a fully functioning multivendor marketplace solution but also to provide additional features such as direct messages between users and open spaces for communication where users allowed to create their own posts and share their content to support the community as it was before on the FaceBook page. For this project, I used WordPress and Theme which is Powered by VueJs for the frontend for the best sharp performance.

  • co2tal

    New Upcomming project for a Cunstruction Company from Denmark. Gatsby and React, with Strapi and GraphQL as CMS implementation. ... Designed Logo and the Layout.



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